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Your Natural Healthcare Partner


Today, finding an acupuncturist is easy. With acupuncture's ever growing popularity, even some chiropractors now offer it as a way to increase their revenue.  But like most things, not all acupuncture is created equal. 

What sets us apart is the unparalleled quality of care our patients receive. From the highly trained, professional staff, to our cozy, spa-like  clinic, you will see and feel the difference immediately. what's more, Ms. Kelsey Fernandez, the owner/practitioner, along with being an Acclaimed Acupuncturist, is a nationally certified Chinese Herbalist and, more importantly, a Naturopathic Doctor.  

Simply said, as an Xceed Acupuncture patient, you get much more than just acupuncture. You get a doctor's valuable perspective and a healthcare partner to help you achieve your health goals naturally.  We believe we offer the very best alterative care in the greater Chicago area and have since 2002.

Natural Healing


Our goal is to provide patients with real and effective alternative medical care that allows the body to heal itself quickly and naturally; the way it did when you were young... Remember?  

By using the fundamental healing principles of traditional acupuncture, natural herbs and patient education, we can guide the body back to a healthier condition by stimulating the body's natural healing energy system, AKA the Meridian System. 

If you are suffering from chronic pain, digestive disorders, anxiety, stress, weight loss, depression, allergies, addictions, PTSD, sleep disorders, hypertension, even infertility, we are confidant we can help you heal naturally. 

We have thousands of success stores...Yours should be next.

Our Promise To You


We truly care about your healing and wellbeing.  This is the cornerstone of our practice and the reason we promise you outstanding and comprehensive alterative care at a premium value. We achieve this promise by doing or best to exceed your expectations on every visit and provide every patient with VISUAL PROOF of their health improvements through a proprietary Digital Meridian Imaging System called AcuGraph

This powerful tool offers a non-invasive peek inside the body, allowing both practitioner and patient to see points of interest, as well as objectively measure your healing progress.  If you agree that “seeing is believing” then Xceed Acupuncture is your best choice for acupuncture and natural healthcare.