I highly recommend

"I started working with Dr Kelsey to resolve an issue with my elbow. She not only helped address that issue, she has helped me resolve many gastrointestinal issues related to colitis. I feel better with each treatment and am slowly regaining my health. I highly recommend!"

  - Pete,  River Forest

I love the doctors here

"I love all the doctors here. Very knowledgeable & each session is a great opportunity to relax, learn about and improve my health.  Great for stress and balancing mind & body. Highly recommend!"

   - Grace,  Oak Park


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They helped me and my husband

"I recommend Xceed to anyone who wants to take control of their health naturally and free themselves from illness. They follow the Eastern medical philosophy which sees the body as a whole. and treats the causes of illness rather than the symptoms.  Instead of prescribing drugs, the body is encouraged to heal itself through healthy diet, acupuncture and herbs... and it truly works.  AoNH has helped me with endometriosis, and digestive issues as well as problems that I never thought were treatable (and which the western doctors I've visited could only shrug at), including ringing-in-the-ears, anxiety, jumpiness, poor immune system.  They've also helped my husband with allergies, sore joints and stress.  We were amazed at how quickly some of the medical issues cleared up and at how much better we feel.  I encourage you to go in for a consultation. The people are wonderful and sincerely want to help you."

   -Sally,  Elmwood

A lifesaver for me

"In December 2015, I woke up with Ulnar Nerve Entrapment.  After seeing a neurologist that told me that I should try to sleep with my arm extended and hope that it goes away, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  I saw Christina for a month or so and the pain and weakness was greatly reduced.

On March 1, 2017, I woke up unable to move half of my face.  A few hours later, I was at my doctor to see what the problem was.  It was Bell's Palsy.  He gave me a week's worth of steroids and said that it will eventually go away, but it typically lasts 4+ weeks.  I immediately thought of Christina.  I was able to start treatment with her a few days later.  I am happy to say that after 6 sessions, I am 95% back to normal in just over 2 weeks.  

My insurance doesn't cover acupuncture, but with the 6/60 plan that is offered, it made it very affordable and a no brainer.  they are  a life saver for me.  I highly recommend giving them a shot for any issue that you may be having.  I know that if anything else comes up, I'll be back!."



We welcome your testimonial